Ring sizing

If you need to alter a ring's diameter, there may be several options depending on the amount of reduction or enlargement and the type of ring.

Ring Guard
Attached to the inside shank of the ring, a ring guard is a temporary option for reducing a ring size. By flexing the guard you can tighten the ring to fit your finger. This may be a good option if your finger tends to shrink in winter and swell in summer due to temperature fluctuations.

If the ring needs to be enlarged or reduced one-half size or less, the metal may be compressed or expanded slightly. Please note that depending on the style of the ring, this method may not be possible or suitable.

To permanently reduce or enlarge the ring size, the ring is cut, soldered and polished to eliminate the seam (to expand the ring, a portion of identical metal is added to the ring shank).

With any of the methods above, the cost for sizing varies. If precious metal needs to be added, the cost is partially determined according to the current price of gold, platinum, etc. along with labor charges.



Gemstones or semi-precious stones are often lost from jewelry items due to wear-and-tear on the prongs, catching on clothing or hitting a hard surface. If you're fortunate enough to find the stone, it can be reset and secured. If you are unable to find the missing stone, we can match the stone in color, shape and size to your satisfaction.

Re-tipping Prongs

Over the years, the prongs that hold a gemstone in its setting may wear down, especially if you wear the ring at all times, such as an engagement ring. It's a good idea to have the prongs checked for wear and tear from time-to-time to ensure that the stone is not loose. If it does need repair, we will re-tip the prongs which involves adding the matching precious metal to the end of the prong(s) to secure the stone.

Earring post conversions

Some earrings may be too heavy for your earlobe, or perhaps you have an allergy to certain types of metals. If you love the earrings but are unable to wear them for any reason, they can be converted to a different type of metal or earring attachment (also known as a finding). Some common earring conversions are from a post into wire attachment, or into a screw-back post to prevent diamond studs or other expensive earrings from catching on clothing and getting lost.

Chain Soldering

Depending on the style of chain, broken links may be fixed or soldered. 

Clasp Replacement

We replace or change clasps, or repair and solder jump rings on necklaces and bracelets.

Bead Restringing

We can restring your broken necklace or bracelet. Prices will vary depending on length of necklace and whether or not each bead is separated with knots. Worn or broken clasps can also be replaced.

Our clientele come to us far and wide, from Evanston and Chicago to the North Shore and northern suburbs (even from other stores — shhh!), so we take pride in the quality, honesty and integrity we have provided for over 80 years in our jewelry repair services.