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Quartz Conversions

When your clock or watch refuses to keep time, a quartz conversion may be your best option

Quartz movements have a more accurate mechanism (oscillator) for timekeeping than the balance wheel of a mechanical clock or watch, however in clocks you will no longer hear the "tick-tock" that makes your mechanical clock work. In watches with a second hand, you will notice that the hand jumps from second to second in a quartz movement, whereas a mechanical watch has a smooth, sweeping motion. For clocks, however, a sweeping second hand is available in quartz movements.

Choosing to convert to a quartz movement

If your timepiece has value as an antique, conversion to a quartz movement will likely diminish its value. If your mechanical timepiece refuses to run properly, however, then it may have little value to you, both as an antique and in functionality.

While we can offer our opinion on whether or not to convert your timepiece, we are not antique appraisers and do not take responsibility for affecting the value of your timepiece — the choice is solely up to you.

Cost of Quartz Conversions

Quartz conversions start at $75 for watches and $50 for clocks. Because the price varies according to the size of the quartz movement needed for your timepiece and the complexity of the conversion, we will give you the exact cost when you bring or send the watch or clock to our store.

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